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Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraines Affect children as well as adults. Find out what abdominal migraines are and more.

Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine In Children
Abdominal Migraines In Children Develop Into Migraine Headaches As Adults.

Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine Treatment
Abdominal Migraine Treatment Is Handled In A Variety Of Ways.

Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine Symptoms
Abdominal Migraine Symptoms Are often Misdiagnosed.

Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine In Adults
Abdominal Migraine in Adults: It Exists.

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Migraine Headache Causes

Learning Migraine Headaches Causes As A Prevention Tool.

Knowing your migraine headache causes serves as an excellent prevention tool. As a matter of fact, some individuals may may be able to put a stop to these debilitating headaches all together. Although migraine headache causes may vary, there are some that may be quite common and tend to be overlooked. These may include sensitivity to a variety of things such as certain foods, smells, and/or products. Determining your migraine headache causes may not only be the key to prevention, but to successful treatment. One of these migraine headache causes for some individuals may be beverages containing alcohol. Red wine in particular, is a great example. In some individuals, a single glass of wine can often trigger a migraine.

Research has indicated that the chemical tyramine is linked to a higher incidence of migraine headaches. This chemical is not only found in wine but is quite concentrated in many varieties of red wines and some foods. Therefore, these foods and beverages are considered to be one of many possible migraine headache causes. Eliminating these items from the diet is often enough to help reduce the number of migraines the individual suffers from. The same can also be said for many of the other migraine headache causes. Lack of sleep, too much caffeine, lighting, and stress can contribute.

Narrowing down the triggers can be as simple as keeping a detailed log of what the individual was doing, what they had eaten that day, and such may be one of the first steps in discovering their migraine headache causes. However, this trial and error and can take awhile. Other factors to consider when it comes to migraine headache causes can include heredity and hormone fluctuation. Consulting with a physician may be the best option for some individuals and can usually assist in determining migraine headache causes.

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